How This Blogger Makes $120,000 Per Month Blogging

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If you're starting out in blogging or you've had your blog for a while, you might be asking yourself 'How do I make money blogging?!'

Well Michelle Schroeder-Gardener shares her tips on how she made over $1,500,000 blogging last year alone! 

That number may seem crazy high at the moment, but here are things you can start doing TODAY to make money online with your blog or business.

1. Affiliate Programmes

Affiliate Programmes are a huge source of income for many bloggers and there are affiliate courses for every niche, so if you're not making affiliate income with your blog, you're missing out on some huge money!

  • Bluehost offers the cheapest hosting for your blog from $3.95 per month and is a must-have if you're serious about blogging. Bluehost is better than a free hosting site because you can run any of your own advertisements and it looks a lot more professional to companies and advertisers if you have a self-hosted site on Bluehost rather than a cheap one on Blogger, which can give a lot of difficulties when it comes to advertising and making money.

Michelle also runs an AMAZING course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I recently purchased the course myself and it was the best investment I've ever made for my blog. I had no idea where I was going wrong when it came to affiliate marketing and making money with my blog, but Michelle goes into so much detail in the various chapters and I learnt about things I never even knew I needed! 

You can check out Michelle's Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course here and start earning towards $120,000 p/month like her!

Purchasing courses may seem like a bit of pain and you might think, 'can I not just find this stuff on the internet?' The answer is nope. I spent months searching for helpful sites for making income from my blog and I found nothing compared to the amount I've learnt from Michelle's course in two days. 

If there's one way to be successful in affiliate marketing, it's educating yourself from the best! Click here to access the Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing ecourse.

  • Survey Companies are another great source of affiliate income, or even a great way to make some money on the side while you're setting up your blog! Michelle made $12,982.50 from online Survey affiliates last year. The best free online survey sites are: Swagbucks, American Consumer Opinion and Pinecone Research.
  • Other affiliate sites for bloggers to join:
  1. Shareasale
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. TopCashback
  4. PicMonkey

2. Sponsorships and Advertising

If you've established your blogs' niche you can begin to reach out brands and companies that you think would be a good fit for your blog. I personally haven't had much luck with this route and have focused more-so on affiliate marketing, but as your readership and traffic grows, you can approach more blogging agencies and companies about potential partnership. 

Michelle made $10,000 from sponsorships last year so although it's not as profitable as affiliate marketing, it's still a great way to work on your side hustle!

Once your traffic is up to 100,000 readers per month, you can join higher paying advertisement companies that pay a lot more than google such as AdThrive and MediaVine.

3. Display Advertising

Display advertising is when you display banners and ads for companies and brands to promote their products or services. Again, this will mainly happen when you contact a company to work with them or they reach out to you to place advertisements on your site.

4. Email Marketing

Convert Kit is an email marketing service that helps you send out new posts to your emails subscribers lists (if you don't have a email list, start one NOW!) You can send new articles on your blog or links to affiliate products or courses via email that you think your readers would be interested in, which then leads to extra affiliate income.

ConvertKit is really simple and cheap to use and is essential in your affiliate marketing strategy. Click here to get set up with ConvertKit.

An email list that trusts you is very valuable so make sure you start one asap. You can join my mailing list here to see all my latest blogging tips:

Pinterest is the main source of blog traffic for many bloggers, but it can be very time consuming having to manually pin pins yourself, that's where Tailwind comes in. In Tailwind you can schedule as many pins as you like on the Plus plan, again this is a MUST HAVE if you want to get high traffic from Pinterest. 

My traffic blew up after I started using Tailwind and it's the second best investment I've made for my blog. Click here to try Tailwind for free.

In conclusion, these are the main ways Michelle and other bloggers make money blogging from home. I hope you find these tips helpful and you can read Michelle's article here

Emily x
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This post contains affiliate links which means I make some commission however this is at no cost to you :)


What is Trichotillomania? - My Hidden Struggle

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I suffer from Trichotillomania, commonly known as Trich.

What is it?

Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder that causes people to pull at their hair, resulting in them pulling out their eyebrows, eyelashes, head hair and/or body hair and causing damage to their skin and hair follicles.

Many people who suffer from Trich do it because it relieves stress and anxiety and can become an addiction. It's closely related to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

I didn't even know I had Trichotillomania until I googled 'Why am I pulling out my eyebrows and eyelashes?' I thought I'd just developed some weird habit that I couldn't shake, that was, until I realised it's an extremely common disorder that affects hundreds of thousands of people. 

My Story:

I can't put my finger on what triggered me to start pulling out my hair, but I found that I always did it when I was lying in bed at night, watching a TV show on my laptop and I suddenly started pulling at my eyebrows. It started with just a few stray hairs here and there but then I couldn't stop myself pulling more and more hairs out. Over the period of a week, I'd pulled almost all of my eyebrows out and left myself with about 5 hairs. It looked horrible and I felt horrible. 

Then I started pulling at the other eyebrow, and the same thing happened. I tried to stop myself but when I wasn't looking in a mirror, I couldn't see the damage I was doing. It felt almost like a stress reliever and the more I did it, the harder it was to stop.

After a while I turned to my eyelashes. Now, I didn't worry about this at first because I usually pull some mascara off my lashes at the end of the day when I'm taking my makeup off, but I started feeling the need to pull a single eyelash out, and then another one, and then another one.

A few weeks later I had no eyelashes at all on one eye, and very few on my other eye. I couldn't bare to look at myself in the mirror. I was horrified at what I'd done but yet I'd keep trying to find more to pull when I was in bed at night. 

It was a terrible cycle that I couldn't get out of. When I was anxious I would pull. When I was stressed and overthinking things I would pull.

How to stop Trichotillomania?

Trich is known to be a mental health problem and the proper advice in beating trich is to speak to a healthcare professional or counsellor to address the issue and find a way to stop you from pulling your hair out. 

You can speak to a licensed counsellor online here at BetterHelp if you're dealing with Trichotillomania or any other mental health issue: Speak online with a professional at BetterHelp

BetterHelp is the largest online counselling platform worldwide and if you're in need of advice and guidance, talking to someone is the first step in beating trich.

  • Distraction 
  • Distracting yourself from the urge to pull is a great way to stop trichotillomania. Using a stress ball is a great way to distract yourself and give your hands something to do other than pulling. Grab one here: Anxiety Stress Ball

I still suffer from trichotillomania occasionally but I've overcome the worst of my habits. I did so by seeing the progress in my hair growing back. I had no eyebrows or eyelashes for about 3 weeks and then I started to see them growing back and was so relieved. I was proud of my progress and after seeing the damage I'd done, I knew I didn't want to go through that again and so I resisted the urge to pull my hair.

My hair finally grew fully back after about 6 weeks and I realised that if I hadn't of stopped pulling, I may have done irreversible damage and my hair might not have grown back, and that thought alone stopped me from pulling so much. There is no quick fix to trichotillomania but it is something that can be beaten and you don't have to suffer in silence. It can be a form of addiction and it's important to seek help for any addictive behaviour.

Hair pulling is something that effects so many people worldwide and there's no need to be ashamed of it. Please speak to a doctor or counsellor if you're finding it difficult to deal with and know that you're definitely not alone in this.

Living with Trichotillomania isn't permanent and it doesn't define you. You will beat this, trust and believe in that.

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4 Signs You Should Stop Wasting Your Time And Energy On Someone Who Doesn't Deserve It

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People are flakey. Not all people, but some people you meet in life are hella flakey. Flakey people are those who constantly flake out on you, bail on you, cancel plans and don't give you their time in return for you giving them yours.

These people make me mad, but yet I seem to always keep giving them the time of day. Why? Because I value their time more than I should.

I've encountered someone recently who, anytime I try to hang out with, will constantly bail and have an excuse to go home, purely because they can't be bothered spending their time with me or they have 'better' things to be doing. This same person is someone who expects me to help them out with work and get them opportunities, and basically be there for them at the drop of a hat. 

Should I keep giving this person my time? Hell no. 

The problem is that I'm a bit of a people pleaser, meaning I hate to say no to people and let people down, so I go out of my way for others to make sure they don't feel let down or left out. But why am I doing it for people who don't do the same for me?

You go the extra mile for them, but they don't do the same for you

Of course it's great to be nice to people, I try to be courteous to everyone whenever I can, however there comes a point when you need to say distance yourself the people who take advantage of your kindness. If they're not willing to put in their time and effort for you, you need to ask yourself whether it's time to stop going the extra mile for them.

They're not interested in what you have to say

It's great to be a listener and give a helping hand, I value myself in this aspect, however, you deserve to be listened to and appreciated too. If you know someone who constantly tells you about their life or problems, but isn't interested in hearing about yours in return, this person isn't valuing your time and you shouldn't waste it on them.

They need you as a friend, but you don't get anything out of the relationship 

Relationships are a two way street. If one person is relying on your for their happiness but you aren't getting anything in return, it's time to call it quits, or give them an ultimatum. Your happiness is of the ultimate importance and it should be a 50/50 situation.

You go out of your way to accommodate them, but they're always busy

If you say yes to everything they ask you to do, or you're there for them whenever they need you, but they're never free or always busy when you ask them to hang out or need to talk, this person is definitely not worth wasting your energy on. Your time is of the upmost importance and if they don't respect that the way you do, move on from them.

Be greedy when it comes to giving out your time. Put yourself first for a change and don't settle for people who make you feel unimportant. Even if it means going it alone until you find people who really value you, it'll be worth it for your happiness in the long run. 

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How I Got 15,000 Views In My First Month of Blogging

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*Sign up for Bluehost blog hosting for only $3.95 and get started 
blogging today!

When I restarted my blog last month, I didn't expect to get anywhere near 15,000 page views. In fact, when I published my first post, I only got about 30 or 40 views and I didn't know where I was going wrong. Then I did a bit of research and started doing some things that exploded my blog traffic and got me thousands of views in one week!

The 4 blog posts that got the most traffic in my first month were:

I didn't use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to get traffic and I didn't really focus on SEO that much at the start (although it is very important). I know how frustrating it is when you can't seem to get views on your blog so I'm going to take you through the things I did and tell you how I got more blog page traffic when I started up my blog again and how you can increase your blog views too.


Tailwind was my lifesaver when it came to getting page views. I didn't know anything about Tailwind or how it worked but once I signed up I couldn't believe the results in my google analytics. My blog posts that were getting under 100 page views were exploding into the thousands!

Tailwind basically works by setting up a pinning schedule on Pinterest, so when you create a pin for your blog post, you can schedule it on Tailwind and it will post the pin to whatever boards you tell it to post to throughout the day. It basically does all the work for you and you don't have to waste time pinning all day everyday yourself. It gets so much more exposure to your blog posts too.

I use the Tailwind Plus membership, paid annually, which is way more affordable in the long run but you can try it for free here

2.Board Booster

BoardBooster is another excellent pinning service that schedules pins for you on Pinterest. It works slightly different to tailwind in that you can loop pins and create campaigns to pin from specific boards to other pinterest boards. I saw a good traffic increase from using BoardBooster as well. You can pay for how many pins a month you want, so you can pay $5 for 500 pins or $10 for 1000 etc. 

You can try a free trial of BoardBooster here

Pinterest has been my number one source of traffic for all my blog views and if you're not on Pinterest yet, get on it right now! You can start pinning straight away create boards for you blog's niche. Make sure you pin other people's pins as well and keep a good pinning schedule. This is where Tailwind comes in handy as it does all the work for you! Want to follow me on Pinterest? *Waking Up At Noon Pinterest*

If you're a bit confused on how to use pinterest to grow your traffic then you should try out the Pinterest Ninja eCourse which so many people swear by for their Pinterest success. Check out the course here!

4.Pinterest Group Boards

Group boards are essentially boards that you can join to pin any of your pins to, to reach a bigger audience. There are group boards for every blogging niche and just general boards too. Try and join boards that have at least 10,000 followers as you'll have more of a chance of your blog post getting noticed. You can also use Tailwind to pin to your group boards to get loads more traffic to your website.

5.Eye-Catching pins

Using Tailwind or Pinterest won't have a great effect unless your pins stand out. You want to create bright and colourful pins with clear lettering and images that will stand out amongst all the others pins and make people click through to your site. I use canva to create all my pins and always remember long pins work best!

6. Bluehost

Having my blog run smoothly and be user friendly is so important in making people return to my blog, that's why Bluehost is a great platform if you're starting out a blog and need somewhere to self host. They're one of the cheapest hosting sites and a must-have for blogging success. 

Click here to check out BlueHost

Click here to join the Pinterest Ninja eCourse

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So all in all I have Tailwind and Pinterest to thank for my huge traffic boost to my blog. Blogging can be quite difficult and confusing to start with and I know how annoying it can be when you don't get many views on a post you've worked hard on, but give these tips a go and you'll see a big increase in your traffic and page views. That's how I got 15000 views in my first month of blogging! Emily x

*This post contains affiliate links which means I make a small commission of each sale, but don't worry this doesn't cost you anything :)


Why I'm Glad I Didn't Go To University

Why I'm glad I didn't go to uni, not going to uni, don't want to go to university, should i go to university, going to university, not going to university

Yup, I'm glad I didn't go to university. Do I regret not going to university? Nope. I knew from at least age 17 that I didn't want to go to university, for a few reasons.

I remember being in school and people in my class would get phone calls from their university to arrange an interview with their uni admissions and they would be jumping up and down, screaming with excitement and I was sat there thinking, huh? I never got the excitement about going to uni, in fact I hoped I didn't get the phone call. I did get all the offers I'd applied for and got the grades but I knew straight away it was something I wasn't interested in.

*Just a quick disclaimer, this isn't an 'anti-university' post and I'm not trying to discourage you from going to uni, but if you're asking yourself 'should I go to university?' or 'is university right for me?', then hopefully this will help you out.*

One of the main reasons I didn't want to go to uni was because I didn't want a job that required a degree. If you do want a job that you need a degree for, then GO TO UNI! It's essential to go to a college or university if you want to work in a field that you need a degree for, it makes sense to go. However, because I knew I didn't want a job that required a degree, I knew I'd save myself a lot of money, time and happiness by not going.

If you don't need a degree but still want to go to uni to learn and get more education, then of course it's perfectly fine to go, but if you really don't want to go then there are so many other routes you can go down to get your dream job and dream life.

I knew from a young age that I wanted a job in the creative field, Yes, I'm one of those 'creative' types who took music and art at school and have played piano since I was 6 years old. Being able to express myself creatively is the main way I get happiness in life so I knew it was essential to pursue a career in that field. Fun fact: not a lot of creative jobs require a degree. With regards to jobs in the creative industries, it's almost always about the experience you have rather than the education you have. Most employers in the music or artistic scene will ask for your portfolio and see how talented you are, not what qualification you gained from a certain university.

Again, if you are in the creative industry and you want to purse further education by going to university, then by all means do it! Do what is right for you, not what everyone else is telling you to doThere are so many opportunities and career routes that don't involve going to university so don't feel disheartened if it's not for you or you didn't get into uni.

Examples of other routes instead of uni are:

Getting an apprenticeship
Getting a job and working your way up the career ladder
Start freelancing
Starting your own business
Online classes/degrees

There are so many great online classes you can take to teach yourself the skills to start your own business or get training in an area you're passionate about. I've made a list of some of the best online courses I've found.

Online Classes:

  • Creative Live - Creative Live provide creative classes in photography, music, art and design, money and lots more. If you fancy yourself as a creative entrepreneur or want to get a job in the creative field, then they'll have something suited for you. Check out their classes here
  • BRIT + CO - Brit + Co are full of creative classes and courses that can educate you on subjects such as photography, business and design. They're super fun and colourful so if you're a creative type then you won't be disappointed. Check them out here
  • Master Class - If you've ever wanted to be taught by the best players in the game, then this is the place for you. They have classes taught by highly skilled people such as Christina Aguilera for singing, Gordon Ramsey for cooking, Martin Scorsese for filmmaking, Deadmau5 for music production and so many more amazing teachers. Who wouldn't want to be taught by Hans Zimmer or Dustin Hoffman? Check out their range of classes here

For the people who say, 'Go to uni for the experience' or 'It'll be loads of fun because you get to live with friends and go out all the time,' you can do those things without getting in a ton of debt. If you're only go to uni for the 'uni life' and partying, then you seriously need to reassess why you're going. I really didn't care about the partying and going out all the time, that's not my thing, so I haven't missed out on anything from that point of view. You can still have plenty of amazing life experiences without going to uni.

Another big reason for not going to university is that I don't get motivated by grades on a page. Studying at school, for me, was just memorising thousands and thousands of words to write out on an exam and forget it the next day and it was not an environment I was motivated to excel in. Maybe that's just because I'm a creative person and I thrive when I'm creating any form of art, but I knew I would hugely be lacking in motivation if I went to uni because a mark on a paper doesn't motivate me at all.

I will more than likely be self employed or employed in a career based only experience so it made sense for me to follow my own path instead of going to uni. I wasn't 100% sure of what I wanted to do when I was 17 and instead of making a life changing decision at that age and taking on a lot of debt and potentially dropping out, I took some time to work on a few different things and find my niche.

Also you can go to university at any age. If I one day decided that I would like to go back to get some more education then that's always an option! Just don't feel like you're tied into one route and you can't explore your interests.

So that's why I'm glad I didn't go to university and if you're feeling a bit undecided about going to uni then I hope this helped you out. If you need anymore advice don't be afraid to ask me a question in the comments below. Emily x
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Should I Follow My Dreams or Get A 'Real' Job?

Should i follow my dreams or get a normal job, follow dreams, follow your dreams, follow your dream, go after your dream, chase the dream, follow dream or safe job, dream job or real job, should i follow my dreams or get a normal job, should you follow your dreams

The question we all ask ourselves: should I go with my head or heart? Should I chase after that dream job or take the safe route? You can either be a realist or and idealist when it comes to life, or even a bit of both. If you're somewhere in the middle, you might find yourself stuck on which career path to choose. How do you give yourself the best life possible? Do you follow your dreams and find eternal happiness? Or choose the safe route and have guaranteed financial security?

There are pros and cons to both so if you're unsure whether you should take that risk and follow your dream or play it safe, it's important to compare your options:

Pros of Following Your Dreams:

  • You'll wake up everyday getting to do what you love.
  • Can you live your life knowing that you didn't go after the one thing you always wanted? By following your dreams you're staying true to yourself and potentially having the life you've always dreamt of. If you can dream it, you can achieve it and if you want it bad enough, there's no reason why you can’t have it.
  • You will have a constant drive to achieve and reach your goals because you're working for yourself.
  • You're potentially creating a better and happier life for yourself by doing what you love and what you were born to do. If you’re skilled in a particular area then you owe it to yourself to pursue it and make the most of your skill and talent.

Cons of Following Your Dream:

  • It may not guarantee financial security. This is where the realist part of me would advise you to plan carefully to make sure you have a secure future for yourself. I highly recommend following your dreams however I know it's very important to have financial security. Just make sure your dream can assure you security in life too.
  • It may take a lot longer to go down this route rather than the 'traditional' job route. Overnight successes rarely happen and a lot of successful people have worked very hard every single day for years to get close to their dreams. If you're chasing your dream then you more than likely have a lot of drive and ambition so this shouldn't be a problem, but just be aware it may take you longer to reach a steady income in life if you're going after a big dream.
  • It may be harder to actually make your dream a reality than to choose a steady job.

As you can see there are a lot of pros to following your dream, and being a big dreamer myself, I highly recommend that if you're passionate about something then you should go after it full speed ahead. That's not to say that a 'normal' job may not be for you either, so here's a list of pros and cons of going down the 'safe' career route.

Pros of A 'Safe' Career:

  • *Almost* guaranteed financial security. Not every job can guarantee you a good pay cheque but you're more likely to have a stable income sooner if you choose the school-university-job route. It's no secret that we live in a world where we need money to survive so it's a safer bet to choose a 'normal' job if money is your main focus.
  • Security in the workplace. A lot of people start at entry level jobs and work their way up the career ladder and although no job is guaranteed, you may have more job security in the long run this way.

Cons of A 'Safe' Career:

  • If you're choosing a job purely because it's safe and will make you money, you could end up very unhappy in life. Money does not equate to happiness and you should never make a decision based on it. We all like to be safe but stepping out of your comfort zone is so important especially when it comes to your career.
  • The 'safe' job may not be the job you really want and therefor it could negatively impact your mental health. An unhappy job can really affect your state of mind so choose carefully when it comes to your career path. Life is long, so make sure you're doing something that you love.

While I'm not qualified to tell you exactly what to do with your life, I strongly urge you to find your passion and fight to make it your livelihood, whether that's through an untraditional route or the standard job route. You are responsible for giving yourself the best damn life possible and doing that by any means. Follow your dream and make it a reality.

Read: 10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

You Can Do Both

There's no reason why your dream career can't involve safety and financial security too. You can always work a 'normal' job while you're on the road to achieving your dream. Not only will you have some experience in the 'traditional' job field to fall back on but it will give you the funds to allow you to pursue your dream.

Inspire Yourself

A great way to help you decided on how to get started with your dream career is getting advice from others. I highly recommend a book by Aliza Licht called Leave Your Mark: Land your dream job. Kill it in your career. Rock social media. She gives great advice and guidance on how to kill it in your career and get your dream job at the same time. You'll feel hella inspired after reading this.

Another super inspiring book by Jen Sincero is You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. It's a brilliant how-to guide on creating a life you love and make money doing it.

Go With Your Gut

A lot of people describe this predicament as choosing between your head or heart, however I'm telling you to ignore them both and follow your gut. Ever heard of a gut instinct? If you have a gut feeling about something, always go with it. Trust your gut, you can always try both career options or even work a day job and pursue your dream at the same time!

Happiness or Money?

It comes down to what your goal in life is and what you really want. Is your goal to make a lot of money? Is it your goal to have a fulfilling purpose? Although money is important, it shouldn't be a deciding factor in your life and happiness. Chase the dream, not the money. Your happiness is ultimately what matters, regardless of money or status. Choose the path where you wake up everyday feeling happy and fulfilled. 

Regardless if you're going for the safe job or the dream job, don't be the person who says, 'What if', be the person who says, 'I did.'

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